How does the 12-Month Term work?

To give you the flexibility to rent what you need for a shorter period of time, choose our 12-Month Rental Term. Or for rental periods less than 12 months check out our Short Term Rentals.

What if I have had problems with my credit in the past?

Your past is past so we focus on your present situation. That's why we get details of your current situation and work with you to see what you can afford to pay today. Remember we're Ballarat locals too and we treat everyone with dignity and respect during our approval process.

Are all the products new?

Depending on your preferred rental time period, new or previously rented products are available. With a choice of terms and plans on all products you'll be sure to find the right item for you.

What happens if my product is faulty?

If your product breaks down, is faulty or playing up in any other way just give us a call and we'll fix it or replace it for free. For essential items like fridges, washing machines and dryers, if we have to take them away to repair we'll provide temporary replacement items to get you through. Of course, deliberate damage is treated differently.

How can I become a Yeomans Rentals customer?

All you need to do is

  •  Visit your local experts, Yeomans Rentals,9 Sturt Street Ballarat.


  • Phone us on 03 5332 9099.


  • Apply on-line by clicking on ‘Apply Now' for the item you want to rent.

What do I need to do to apply?

Simply complete an application form. Please have the following ready when you come in:

  • Photo ID (Driver's License, passport or 18+ Proof of Age Card).
  • Residential address details.
  • Proof of income - employment or pension details.
  • Provide a minimum of three personal referees (name, address and phone number). Referees can't live at the same address as yourself or other referees.

Can I apply if I am receiving a benefit?

Yes. If you're receiving benefits you're welcome to apply with Yeomans Rentals. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We work with you to see what you can afford to pay today to rent what you need today.

Is there a deposit or bond required?

In most cases a deposit or a bond are not required. We do ask that you pay your first rental payment prior to delivery of your items.

If you're outside our normal free delivery area you will need to pay the delivery fee too. To find out more, please call us on 03 5332 9099.

How do I make payments?

For your convenience your payments are normally made via Direct Debit or Centrepay. To organise payment via:

  • Direct Debit - bring in your banking details and we'll set it up for you
  • Centrelink - we help you set it up in store or you can quote reference number: CRN 555 02 4828A.

How do I change my bank account or Centrepay details?

As soon as you have set up your new account, call us on 03 5332 9099 and we will send you a new direct debit or Centrepay form to sign and return this to us before your next payment is due.

Do you deliver?

Yes. And you get FREE delivery to within 10km of our shop in the centre of Ballarat on all rental agreements 3 months or longer. If you wish we'll even install your equipment and show you how your rental product works for no extra charge!

For other agreements small charges may apply for drop off to your place and pick-up when returning goods.

How soon can I have my product(s)?

Normally we'll let you know about your application's approval status within 1 business day. Once approved we arrange delivery and installation with you - usually on the next business day.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No. You don't have to be personally home to accept delivery. However someone 18+ years old must accept and sign for the delivery when we arrive before we can hand over items.

Do I need insurance?

It is recommended that you insure your rental items against loss from fire or theft. Choose from Yeomans Rentals Reduced Liability Option or include rental items on your household or business insurance policy.

Can I rent something for a short period of time, say over Christmas?

Yes, you can rent for as little or as long as you like! Just let us know what you are after, and we'll take care of the rest.

My rental product has broken down, what do I do?

Just call 03 5332 9099 and we will service it for FREE within 24 hours of speaking with you.

For critical items like fridges we may temporarily swap you fridge for another whilst we carry out repairs.

I have feedback, how do I tell you?

We love to hear how we are doing from our customers and like to recognise team members for their service. If you have feedback on your experience with us please use our contact form or call 03 5332 9099. Alternatively drop in and see us at 606 Kline St, Canadian VIC 3350 or like us on Facebook..

What if I'm short this pay and have insufficient funds available?

If there will be insufficient funds available on payment day, call us the day before your direct debit is due to be taken to make alternative payment arrangements. This will save you a dishonour fee from both Yeomans Rentals and your bank. Please see your terms and conditions.

Can I change my direct debit payment day?

We have some flexibility so you may be able to change you payment day or dates to suit your situation. Call us on or before the Monday your next payment is due to discuss your payment with us.

Can my flatmate take over my rental when I move out?

Yes, we can organise the rental agreement to be transferred to a new flatmate's name with your help. Just have them call us two weeks before your transfer date so we can get their details to arrange a new rental agreement to be set up. This subject to normal credit criteria and terms and conditions being met.

What happens if my direct debit is going to fall on a public holiday?

No worries, your direct debit will be taken out on the next banking day. Just ensure there is enough money to cover the direct debit from your nominated account.

Can I upgrade my goods and rent more items?

Call us about what you need. We may be able to upgrade your items or add to your rentals. Normal credit criteria and Terms and Conditions apply.

Is it going to cost me anything to return my gear?

Yes. Fees may be payable. If there is any damage to the goods you may be up for the cost of repair or replacement. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions booklet for all fees.

I'm moving house, what do I do?

You need to get written permission from Yeomans Rentals prior to moving your rental goods from the agreed rental address. Call Yeomans on 03 5332 9099 and we can arrange to relocate all of your rental products for free if you are moving locally. We do need two days' notice to organise things.

Are my personal details kept private?

Yes. We won't give your personal details to any company for promotional purposes or publish your personal details, and would never do so without your prior consent.

What if my circumstances change and I can't afford it anymore, or I just want to return one of my items?

Just give us a call and we will review your circumstances and see what options may be available.

Do I need to clean the goods before they are picked up?

We do like all rentals to be clean and we understand you will have been using them up to the last minute so they may not be spotless, and that's ok. Just be aware that cleaning fees may apply for excessive soiling. Please read your Terms & Conditions for full details.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you get:

  • Friendly and helpful advice and service.

  • The right equipment for your household, entertainment, fitness, technology and budget needs.

  • Only items that suit your budget so you can be sure you can afford your item.

  • Your rented equipment including computers, properly installed and working at your home.

  • Your rental items serviced, repaired or replaced ASAP within business hours or loan item provided until you are up and going again.

Above all else we guarantee that you are treated as a real person not just a number and that you get a good honest Aussie fair go.