Yeomans Rentals (ABN: 40 433 135 009)

Ph: 03 5332 9099 

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm

For the Christmas break: Closed 4pm Friday 22 Dec 23 & reopen 10am Wed 3/1/2024.

Address: 606 Kline St, Canadian VIC 3350



Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you get:

  • Friendly and helpful advice and service.

  • The right equipment for your household, entertainment, fitness, technology and budget needs.

  • Only items that suit your budget so you can be sure you can afford your item.

  • Your rented equipment including computers, properly installed and working at your home.

  • Your rental items serviced, repaired or replaced ASAP within business hours or loan item provided until you are up and going again.

Above all else we guarantee that you are treated as a real person not just a number and that you get a good honest Aussie fair go.