Who We Are

Yeoman's Rentals was established in 1967 as a TV and VCR  rentals store. Today Yeomans Rentals is Ballarat's longest operating household appliance, technology and furniture rental company proudly operated locally for more than 51 years.

Whilst there has been vast changes in technology over the journey Yeomans Rentals has always remained committed to one thing:

Bringing you good quality brands and the latest in whitegoods and technology to suit most budgets and lifestyles.

Best of all, just like the thousands of Ballarat locals we've already helped, you can rent overnight or as long as you like!

What does Yeomans Rentals Do?

At Yeomans Rentals we make life easier by giving customers quality products, professional service and access to affordable essential household items and technology.

Our range includes:

  • Refrigerator and washing machine rentals
  • High definition 4K and Smart TVs for hire
  • Computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones for rent
  • Home theatre and audio systems
  • Exercise equipment for rent – treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and bikes
  • Air-conditioners and vacuum cleaners for hire

How we are different from others…

With our very long history of treating all our customers with respect and dignity we know what it takes to get Ballarat locals the fair go they deserve, including:

  • Free servicing
  • Free repairs and maintenance
  • Free installation
  • Free support in how to use equipment
  • Free delivery and pickup (condition apply)

If you want proof just compare our rates to other local rental companies and you'll see how Yeomans Rentals is very different from others. We are 100% locally owned and operated. It's why thousands of locals have been loyal customers - some of them for decades.

You see, we don't have to report to any head office so we work directly with you making it easy for you to afford the things you want. There's no deposit required on rental equipment, just pay the first month's rental payment and we'll deliver your item to your door – and even install it for you! Local delivery is free on rentals for longer than 3 months.

“So when we say we give you a fair go we really mean it!”

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you get:

  • Friendly and helpful advice and service.

  • The right equipment for your household, entertainment, fitness, technology and budget needs.

  • Only items that suit your budget so you can be sure you can afford your item.

  • Your rented equipment including computers, properly installed and working at your home.

  • Your rental items serviced, repaired or replaced ASAP within business hours or loan item provided until you are up and going again.

Above all else we guarantee that you are treated as a real person not just a number and that you get a good honest Aussie fair go.